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A Premier Independent Insurance Agency In The New York Metropolitan Area

Keep Insurance Agency has spent the last 35 years striving to be an unbeatable insurance resource for personal and commercial clients in the tri-state area. With our combination of highly rated carriers, professional insight and timely customer service our clients in Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam and Fairfield have found that it is hard to compete with Keep Insurance Agency!!

Personal lines clients can take advantage of our diverse policy offerings. Whether they rent or own their current residence, lease or own their car(s), own a motorcycle, Boat, ATV, RV/Mobile Home, Snow Mobile or Classic Car we’ve got the carriers to insure it!

While our commercial markets not only provide standard coverages, like General Liability and Workers’ Compensation, they also specialize in industry specific coverages tailored to each insured’s exposures! From small one man contracting operations, to large corporate accounting firms, Keep Insurance has the right carriers to meet your commercial coverage needs!

If you are interested in insurance for your family and/or business at a competitive price, let Keep Insurance insure you with a free quote and unparalleled service!

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