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Car Insurance Coverage Near Me in Westchester NY

Car Insurance Coverage Near Me in Westchester NYcar insurance westchester ny

At Keep Insurance Agency we understand that owning a car in Westchester County has become a basic component of transportation for any adult. Car insurance coverage can provide vehicle owners with protection against financial losses that could potentially occur as a result of an accident. A car insurance policy can also help defray the costs associated with any vehicle damage, property damage, or medical harm caused by an owner’s car.

Main Types of Car Insurance

There are many types of car insurance coverage available. Each policy contains a package of core protections, made to address the most common dangers related to normal vehicle operation. These policies include:

  • Liability – can help cover the costs of repairing any resulting damage to third-party property, as well as medical bill coverage for anyone physically injured as a consequence of an accident deemed to be your fault.
  • Collision – can help cover repair costs for any damage to the insured’s vehicle. If the car is totaled, this policy could help to cover the total current value of the car.
  • Comprehensive – can protect owners’ liability for damage caused by natural events such as falling tree branches, theft, and vandalism. This coverage can also protect owners from unusual events such as animal collisions.
  • Medical & Personal Injury – can help cover medical costs for both the vehicle owner as well as any passengers injured in an auto accident.


“I have been with Keeps insurance agency for a long time and I have always gotten the best service in taking care of all my insurance needs. All of my experiences with their staff has always been positive.”

– Barbara Hammond


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