Where Can I Find Business Liability Insurance Near Me?

Our team at Keep Insurance is dedicated to offering affordable insurance policies to any business. We want to help protect you and your company from accidents and injuries, which can lead to unexpected costs or lawsuits. As a result, we help clients understand what is included under coverage and what is not.

What Is Business Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance, or general liability insurance, is insurance coverage that is meant to protect you and your business. We help protect businesses from numerous types of claims such as bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, and other damages that may arise from your business operations. General liability insurance is a necessity for nearly every business.

What Does Business Liability Insurance Coverage Protect?

Every business has risks, but business liability insurance protects against many situations and events. General liability insurance coverage has the power to protect you, your business, and your employees from claims including property damage or bodily injury, up to the limits of your policy. Policies safeguard you from the unexpected costs of out-of-court settlements, litigation, and judgments.

Settlements, Lawsuits, and Investigations
If you are sued or damages are filed against you, business insurance covers attorney expenses, medical expenses, judgments, settlements, and bonds if necessary.

Injuries and Damages
There is always a risk of arising claims from bodily injury or property damages. These damages may be caused by accidents on your premises, from your products, operations, or advertisements.

Business liability insurance may also cover things you may not have considered, such as advertising injury, which provides protection from copyright infringement. Furthermore, our insurance coverage even offers protection against alcohol-related accidents in certain cases.

What Is Not Protected By Business Liability Insurance?

While general liability insurance provides coverage against a variety of scenarios, there are some situations that they do not protect. However, our knowledgeable insurance agents will discuss all the details of your specific insurance coverage at Keep Insurance.

Employee Injuries
business liability insuranceWhile business liability coverage can protect you from injuries on your premises, there is a different aspect to employee injuries. Workers’ compensation is the type of insurance that is necessary in order to protect your employees against injuries on the job.

Professional Mistakes
Professional mistakes are not covered under business general liability insurance coverage. This provides protection against mishaps that may occur as you offer opinions, solutions, services or recommendations throughout the course of business.

Auto-related coverage
Auto accidents are not apart of business liability coverage. It is necessary to purchase a separate auto insurance policy to protect your business, especially if you have company vehicles or delivery services.

Finding Business Liability Insurance In Westchester NY

In conclusion, our team at Keep Insurance are experts in insurance coverage. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding general liability insurance or business liability insurance in Westchester County NY, Dutchess County NY, and Ulster County NY. Contact Keep Insurance today to schedule a free consultation. Call now (877) 892-KEEP.