Catastrophes can happen at any time. Purchasing commercial insurance can help protect you and your business from substantial liability and financial loss.

Commercial Insurance Policy in Westchester NY

Commercial Insurance Westchester NY

Natural catastrophes like tornadoes, cyclones, heavy rain, snow, and earthquakes can destroy commercial properties, put people’s lives in danger and disrupt business operations. Additional risks such as fire, theft, crimes and civil commotions are equally threatening to commercial properties.

Commercial Insurance Policy – An Overview

A commercial insurance policy is a liability insurance used to help protect the purchaser from risks and liabilities resulting from lawsuits and other claims. Commercial insurance can help protect various forms of commercial property from natural and man-made risks to ensure business longevity. It is an important investment which can be used to mitigate the negative impact of severe financial losses, damages, and lawsuits. A commercial insurance policy can help companies stay afloat after a fiscal “deluge,” and prevent businesses from going bankrupt.

Types of Commercial Insurance Policies

Almost every conceivable business risk can be covered by insurance. Different types of commercial insurance have different coverage amounts and costs that vary from insurer to insurer. The common types are:

1. Business Liability Insurance Policy – Business liability insurance could help to cover certain legal obligations caused by accidents that may happen during the normal course of business. Insurance can also help protect against negligence claims resulting from bodily injury and/or property damage. It could also help cover lawsuit damages for libel and slander, including settlement bonds during appeal procedures.

2. Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy – Companies can use worker’s compensation insurance to help pay out benefits to employees who become sick or are injured while at work. This coverage can also help with expenses associated with medical rehabilitation, as well as wages lost due to the injury.

3. Property Coverage Policy – Property coverage insurance could cover direct physical damage or loss to a commercial property and its contents i.e. building, fixtures, personal property etc. The form of property coverage will define what types of property an be covered and which cannot.

4. Commercial Umbrella Policy – Commercial umbrella insurance is used to cover claims that are not protected under primary policies, provide additional levels of coverage to existing policies, and supplement when exhausted primary policies limits when further coverage is required.

5. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – A business owner’s policy is a package that consists of all basic forms of coverage that the business owner is required to have. These bundles also typically consist of business interruption insurance, which can provide coverage for lost revenue due to loss of insured property.

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