Electrician Insurance Dutchess County NY

electrician insurance dutchess county ny

Working with live wires, active circuits, and specialized equipment, electricians are exposed to many risks that are unique to the electrician industry. Moreover, as business owners, electricians must also anticipate common business related risks like property damage. All the reason electricians in Dutchess County NY must make electrician insurance a top priority, and who better to help you protect yourself and your business than your friends here at Keep Insurance!

What Is Electrician Insurance?

Property damage coverage covers damage to any office or warehouse space you rent or own, your tools, and equipment
General liability covers you and your business if a third party sustains bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of your work
Workers’ compensation covers you and your employees if they are injured, become sick, or die due to a work-related incident

The electrician insurance leader in the Dutches County NY area, obtaining protection through Keep Insurance is something that you’ll wish you had done sooner! Don’t hesitate anymore, contact us today and keep insurance handy just like a screwdriver.

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